A fresh start



Sample of “Where are we going?” Season Two


Welcome to my very first blog post! Are you excited because I know that I am! First things first, my first manga is finished! Yay! Manga 01 Where are we going? is finished! Here is the synopsis: Five youths embark on a journey through a time machine to change their past and thus their futures will change. Will they regret the choices they make? It is a very challenging manga to write, think and draw at the same time. The story’s a little mixed up and kind of have no plot? Here’s my overall rating:

  • Characters: 9/10 (Funny and engaging)
  • Story: 6/10 (It’s a bit confusing and all over the place – will work on that)
  • Design: 8/10 (Inexperienced with scenery, backgrounds etc – only draws simple bgs)

Anyways, I’ll try to improve my story writing and perhaps background drawings (Actions speak louder than words, dear). About that…maybe background drawings can benefit me as an artist to be on much simpler terms. I can’t draw complicated things unless I hire a real artist who can help me to draw backgrounds. I don’t use ink or manga paper because I have no money. I don’t use digital because I don’t really like computer based drawing especially on the pen pad. It is difficult to draw… So instead I use a pencil and just simply A5 paper. HAH!


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