Unexpected turn


Hello again. This is my next post. My second manga has been announced as incomplete because of the story. The story’s about a young teenage guy, Aloysius who lost his younger sister, Alicia, a few years ago and he is trying desperately to find her. They had a tragic family background. Hope’s not lost when Aloysius found a letter pertaining to his missing sister. Elated, he told his friend who is also his classmate, Lewis about the letter. His friend did not believed it and claimed that it is just a hoax. But true enough, it was not true. The letter did mention that the person that Aloysius will soon meet with knows where his sister is. Then came a prestigious school board of students from the student council. They wanted to invite Aloysisus and some of his friends to their school for a meeting. The story ended here halfway. Wasted is it? But I could not think of anything on how to continue to the story. If you have any tips on continuing the story do share your comments below. It would be appreciated. Thanks! The story is called “Hero”.


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