Nine Lives




Satoshi is one hell of a mysterious guy. Satoshi is a mysterious character in my manga, Nine Lives. He is Houtarou’s best bud. Spoiler alert! Here is the reason what Satoshi is plotting against Houtarou. Satoshi likes Nanako Izumi. In the past, both of them were a “married” couple. But things did not go well. Nanako was once human. Nanako’s real name is Elizabeth White while Satoshi’s real name is Edmund Calton. Nanako was once a singer in a famous club called “Rock On”. She then met Satoshi in the club who was a frequent drinker and customer. Nanako was really famous and fans adore her. Then, one day, Satoshi proposed to Nanako but Nanako however, was unsure of her own feelings. She did not tell Satoshi the truth but instead decided to plan for the wedding. Satoshi was elated. Some background of Satoshi in the past: He is a well-known surgeon in a hospital. Nurses and patients all respected him because of his kind-hearted nature and care towards the patients. But one day, he made a mistake. His professional title was ripped off and he went jobless. Satoshi was filled with regret and guilt overwhelmed him. So, he went to Rock On to drink his problems away.

Satoshi thought that things were getting better when he met Nanako but no. During the wedding, when the priest asked Nanako if she would want Satoshi to be her newly beloved husband, she did not say a word but ran out of the church. Then, she cried and suddenly a van sped across, knocked her down and she died. Satoshi was shocked. He cried out and suddenly something supernatural happened. A cat appeared in front of his eyes. Satoshi carried the cat and it went into Nanako’s body. Nanako was soon revived out from her real body. She was called a “guardian angel with nine lives”. These nine lives represent the number of lives Nanako saves. Once it is all used up, she will vanish.

Because of that, Satoshi decided to keep her safe. They were dragged into another world. Nanako could not recall anything in her past life. Satoshi was happy that Nanako is back in his life again. But one day, Nanako went missing. She had an instinct to find someone special. Someone named Houtarou. Satoshi was finding her desperately. Due to some supernatural power, he then posed himself as a high schooler thinking that Nanako may be in the school which then coincidentally lead him to met Houtarou. Satoshi had a feeling that Houtarou is a special kid so he made friends with him. Once he found out that Nanako and Houtarou had a connection, Satoshi got jealous and plotted his revenge. He was in liaise with his partner Sakura Hiroyo. Sakura then attacked Houtarou on one particular night but Nanako saved him. They were planning on killing Houtarou until Nanako can’t save him anymore.

This is basically part of the story. I am still thinking of ways on what plans Satoshi is plotting against Houtarou. Any tips? If you have something, comment below! (:


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