A Family



That’s a photo of the family tree. Okay so here’s how the story goes. Because of Jeanette’s death, Jonathan went from good to worst. He really loved Jeanette the most and couldn’t live without her. That’s when he neglected Michelle who is his wife and he started smoking, drinking, going to pubs etc. Frustration got the better of him, Jonathan then abused Michelle while she is carrying his flesh and blood. Thankfully, the baby is still fine despite the abuse. Michelle got into a depression. She called Caleb for help. Then Caleb and Alex came to her rescue. Alex gave Jonathan a firm warning. They hated Jonathan from that point onward. Then Jonathan decided to go on a trip alone and reflect on what he had done.

A few months passed, Michelle got married to Caleb and she was carrying his child. Michelle and Jonathan’s child, Sarah was already born. Michelle tried to take good care of Sarah but she kept thinking of the man who abused her, decided to shun away from Sarah. As a child, Sarah did not understand but Caleb still treated her as his own. He consoled Michelle. One day, Michelle was going to the market to buy some groceries. While she was collecting some apples, some of the apples fell onto the ground due to a hole in the plastic bag. The apples rolled. Sarah picked them one by one. Then, a man picked up one of the apples which was rolling in his direction. That was when Michelle turned around and saw Jonathan. She got angry and pulled Sarah away from him. She walked as fast as she could but Jonathan chased after her. He grabbed Michelle’s hand and said that he is now a changed person and he apologised sincerely. He told her that he has set up his own business and no longer that old man from before. Michelle cried and did not want to believe him at all. So she ran away.

He secretly followed Michelle home. Jonathan never failed to come to their house everyday just to apologise. One day, Michelle finally gave in and let Jonathan come in. He hugged her tightly and asked to come back to him. But Michelle said to remain as friends and she was going to stick with Caleb. Jonathan was disappointed but he soon agreed. Slowly but surely, they began to trust Jonathan again through his actions. Then, a son was born, Sylvester. So a family grew.


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