About the blogger

Jolyn // 20 // Welcome to nanakojpg. This blog is where I write different blog posts about each of my hand drawn manga. Adventure, comedy, romance, sci-fi are types of genres that I draw in my manga. It is interesting to draw and also think of creative ways to write out a story. I usually don’t write stories (in the past, yes) but now I think ¬†of the story in my head and then I start to draw. I need to process my thoughts well enough to write a story that engages the audience. It is fun but sometimes difficult to draw out such amazing artwork like some famous authors do. I have a weakness in drawing very grand and established scenery especially the interior of buildings. I love design. I design my own gifs and sometimes graphics on “haijmechan.tumblr.com/tagged/myedit”. Do check it out! Do drop me a “letter” by clicking on the send me letters link if you have any queries. Hope you enjoy your stay here! (: