No regrets please T_T


Okay…so I have read my nine lives and found out that some parts of the story are like confusing (And no, I have not finished the manga yet). Oh, I don’t know! Drawing while thinking of the story is tough because you didn’t plan out the story well enough. That’s why there’s some loopholes… Oh well, I’ll try to improve in the next few chapters (I don’t even know if it’s considered chapters cos there’s no chapters to begin with)…

Satoshi’s past is now revealed in my manga, only part of it. The rest of it will be explained later on.

I do not regret drawing manga though it can be tough and laziness slips in. Drawing is one of my hobbies and I enjoy doing it. (Y) I’m glad. Hopefully people will actually read my manga which I posted on facebook and instagram.

And not just browsing through though… Wish me luck!